• The CLT: A New College Admissions Exam

    The CLT: A New College Admissions Exam

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  • Romeo and Juliet for High School

    Romeo and Juliet for High School

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  • Homeschooling High School: Instill Strong Study Skills and Habits

    Homeschooling High School: Instill Strong Study Skills and Habits

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  • Why Teach Shakespeare?

    Why Teach Shakespeare?

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Homeschool Tip #1

Don't compare yourself and your abilities to other teachers and homeschool parents. On the same note, resist the temptation to compare your kids and their abilities to others. ~ Emily C.

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Homeschool Tip #2

Pray about everything. Trust that God will equip you and provide every resource you need to operate in His will for your family. Be flexible. Have fun! Your children WILL learn...and so will you. ~ Tineka K.
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