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What’s Your Next Homeschool Transition?

Homeschooling is about transition.  It seems that change is constant and each transition comes with its own set of challenges.  Are you getting started with your homeschool journey? Perhaps transitioning to middle school or high school?  Are you trying to plan your homeschool days around a move, a deployment, or just the busyness of life?  We are here for you!

For parents as well as children, these transitions are filled with uncertainty.  We are here to help!  Here is our prescription: 

Be Prepared

Our goal at Homeschool Launch is to equip and encourage homeschool families to thrive in their homeschool journeys and power through the transitions.  Here you will find practical advice and resources from seasoned homeschool parents who have been though it all.

  1. Getting started or thinking about homeschooling?  We have many resources to help you make the best decision for your family.
  2. Need planning advice, or overwhelmed by curriculum choices? We’ve been there!
  3. Going through a tough time with your student and not sure where to turn? We are here to listen and help.
And, be a part of a community, share your experiences!
So many parents give up homeschooling during the transitions.  Let’s admit it!  We need each other.  It is the community that provides the support.  Overtime and through live events, you will feel a growing community ready to help and power you to the next level.

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You can find us encouraging homeschool parents here:

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