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Homeschool AudioOver the last three years, Teach Them Diligently has recorded and filmed hundreds of hours of content in an effort to help homeschool families. From the best speakers and homeschool counselors and curriculum companies, there will be something you need in this library. Currently, Teach Them Diligently is giving families access to audio recordings from their 2013 convention. This one year alone had over 200 recordings covering virtually every subject from parenting to marriage to organization or teaching a particular subject or grade level. If you are a brand new homeschoolers, this library is a treasure of information. You will be amazed at the depth and breadth of the content. Any subject is available for purchase.

Hundreds of Sessions, An Amazing Resource!

For Homeschool Launch members, you will receive free access to the entire database of Teach Them Diligently recordings. Every week we will put up three recordings that can be downloaded for free by members. The three free recordings that are available will rotate through the entire database each week (Three new ones each week). During an annual (52-week) membership, your families will get access to the entire database. That is a value of over $600 and priceless as a resource. All for being a Homeschool Launch member.

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